march 17 - 24 


THE Calling


Calling in the light tribe to join your family of truth seekers

on a multidimensional journey into the self & through the layers of wonder, 

in a gathering of like hearted beings, to embody & expand your true essence,
 for the collective awakening & co-creation of the new world.

Transmute the old into a new consciousness
 so that you can live & express your fullest potential in unity, harmony, 
love & prosperity, transcending into your own totality.


353WONDER070418 (1).JPG


we share native ancestral wisdom & medicines

 to awaken & heal ancient memory,

connect with Mother Earth, 

Spirit & Ancestors.



Into the layers of your internal & external worlds, 
detox & deprogram, awaken to your existence,
& create your new reality from sovereignty,
transmuting the self into the wonder.
There are many paths & belief 
systems, yet the true journey 
is the one within.

Kindred spirits in divine resonance, for accelerated soul expansion & co-creation of the new, unified world. Exchanging information, creating alliances & building bridges of the rainbow network.

As children of the sun, we celebrate the

wonder of life, releasing our inner child 

to play & rejoice in beauty.

THE process










is achieved when we are prepared to harness the full potential of an experience, 
able to embody it into wisdom & apply it into daily life. 


The path of awakening contains many cycles of transformation. This journey takes you through a full cycle

by placing equal importance on the preparation, initiation & integration.

We will first prepare and activate your vessel so that you can release & receive at the time of initiation.

We then focus on integrating the experience so that you can embody & apply it into everyday life.

This is not a retreat to escape your reality.
This is a gathering of light WORKERS - we come here to do the work, 
so that we can get off the plane and apply the growth.

THE elements


Having explored the world for many years, creatress Annelie

arrived to Diamante Valley and understood this was a womb of wonder.

Through her connection with the land she discovered its essence & elemental alchemy, which fertilized her vision & steered the curation of this experience. 


It is Annelie's honor to be able to share it with you

Diamante valley is the womb that nourished & birthed Self Wonder. 

This unique curation of elements is a  journey of connection & rebirth

through the wonder & womb of our mother Diamante.


Sacred, unexploited lands in the lush, raw jungle with waterfalls, caves & cloud forests. The abundant nature of

Costa Rica has been kept pure and powerful, allowing deep connection with the land & ancestral remembrance. This sacred valley and the Diamante waters in particular is a crystalline energy vortex, holding ancient wisdom. It aids our spiritual work in purifying low vibrations and expanding into higher consciousness. Rama is an organic farm, Eco Lodge & sanctuary with pure spring water & produce. Its blissful energy, nurturing lands & new facilities, holds beautiful space for a transformational journey filled with wonder.



We only serve high vibrational food from Rama or local, organic farmers. 

The conscious movement in the valley provides the

highest quality produce 

with very little or no environmental impact.

Diamante & Rama Organica

Farm to table



Sacred ceremony & Ritual,

Workshops, Adventure & Celebration.

A combination of ancestral and modern teachings & practices, designed to give you experiences, information

and tools to accelerate your awakening. 

Especially curated to facilitate the medicine journey & process.

We harness the full potential of the dynamics by

moving between personal and group work.



When you feel the calling & have gone through the proper preparation, the medicines are here to initiate you into higher consciousness. These are powerful gifts from mother earth that we share, in great reverence, sacred ceremony & with deep experience to 

advance your awakening. 

Read more about how we  work with the medicines.

Leaving the ego at the gates, we open up our hearts & quiet our minds 

as we step into a higher order of existence. 

curated group

Truth Seekers

We curate an intimate group of 15 kindred spirits, to honor each individual's process, create a strong connection & group resonance for accelerated expansion together.

The participants are truth seekers of earth sharing a similar calling and vibration.

In the valley lives the Rainbow warriors. 

The souls being called to join us are recognizing their own inner Warrior and seeking to expand their light. 





Carefully chosen & deeply experienced medicine people & facilitators come from different corners of the world to guide you

through your journey.

Also the local community is a family of talented light beings who will share their

personal medicine with us.

THE facilitators

Through humanity’s awakening, the universe acquires the ability to reflect back on itself,

in wonder, awe and appreciation.

annelie wadman

Self Wonder Creatress

Soul Guide ~ Earth Keeper ~ Medicine Woman

Curator & Facilitator of transformational experiences

In service of our ascension & the bridging from matrix paradigms to the New World, Annelie's mission is to create platforms & experiences to awaken & connect the light tribe in alliances, and facilitate sustainable transformation 

through reconnection with the natural world & remembrance of our true essence.

Finishing her Business degree she became a devoted student of the self, nature & wonder, and now shares the wisdom through various services, combining native ancestral wisdom with modern tools, to guide people through their awakening.

Self Wonder was born out of her own Self Wonder journey, a calling to be of service and a passion for curating & guiding people through transformational experiences.

She invites you to walk the sacred path of wonder with her.

Diana bolaños

Self Wonder Woman

Energy Worker ~ Medicine Woman ~ Water Priestess

Vortex Activation Guide ~ Aquatic therapist ~ QiFlow Yoga teacher

With more than 8 years of shamanic practices, healing arts and initiations,

Diana is a Member of the Ancestral Healing Alliance and director of

Sananda Healing Experiences. She is a transformational experience curator

& facilitator and her mission as an interconnector is to create alliances to join forces

linking the tribe together into a network of new paradigm pioneers awakening to the

 evolutionary process of human consciousnes. She facilitates the complete process of  transformation and healing through direct experiences of rebirth & connection to source.

natalie peire

Self Wonder Woman

Transformation & Embodiment Guide

Student at ISTA Mystery School learning and sharing Spirituality, Sexuality & Shamanism. Passionate about cultivating deep expansive conscious relationships with self, other and the earth. She uses ancient wisdom to integrate wholeness; masculine & feminine, light & shadow aspects of both the personal and transpersonal realms. Curating journeys through free dance, art, poetry, guided meditation and bio-energetics. 

Natalie's mission is to help each soul tap into their infinite creative power, vulnerability & wildness, to express their unique souls mission in this life.

Juan Andrade

The Wonderers

Juan Andrade

Medicine keeper ~ Aquatic & Massage therapist

Trained in Native Healing of native American México and Brazil. Juan was initiated with the sacred healing techniques & ceremonies from native American medicine men & Mayan elders.
 He has deep perception of the subtle worlds and ancestral knowledge that lies at the depth of someones’ being, enabling a profound healing that work across generations and

through the ancestral line.

Maya Magdalena

The Wonders

Carefully chosen & deeply experienced medicine people & facilitators to guide you through your journey.

Additionally, the local community is a family of deeply connected and talented light beings who share their personal medicine with us.

medicine Ceremony




After considerable time studying traditions from Brazil, Peru and Colombia, he was encouraged by his teachers to serve the community in Costa Rica, which he has been doing for the last 10 years. He offers the optimal space for transformation, healing and learning about ourselves, cultivating the way of the heart. Guided with sincerity so we may grow a greater understanding of our place on earth, who we truly are and how we may transform our fears into doorways for clarity and greater awareness.

Juan Andrade

The Wonderers

Ryan Mackenna

Embodies ancient knowledge and wisdom, in unison with modernized teachings and techniques to create alchemic medicine to nourish t

he mind, body and soul.

Fusing together elements of Celtic shamanism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and Amazonian plant medicine to create optimized transformative awakening journeys for high dimensional existence. 

Wellness Wizard

Maya Magdalena

The Wonders

Maya Magdalena

ThetaHealing™ Therapist 

Soul Guide and Creation coach, with multidimensional approach, using ThetaHealing™ technique as her fundamental tool, focusing on limiting beliefs residing in subconscious.

Years of studying ancient knowledge & schools of mystery, has brought her to develop her own unique way of supporting & working with those who wish to connect, expand and transform into a higher version of themselves. 

THE journey


starting from $1333

We give you just a peak into the journey,

to let the wonder do its wonder..

We flow through the 5 elements, each day diving into a specific one.


Workshops to prepare & integrate with tools & wisdom

Hike adventure to Diamante waterfall

& camping in sacred caves

Sound, breath & movement

3 day detox

Ceremonies & Rituals

Amazonian Grandmother



Preparative Soul Guidance

Integrative Soul Alignment 

Native healing massage therapy

Integrative Theta or Rapé & Crystal healing




Journey $1888 (excluding accommodation)

also includes:

Pre-journey preparation materials & call

Group transportation to/from airport

Post-journey integration call

High vibe nutrition

Accommodation options

Bed / room type

Queen / standard
2 singles / standard

Matrimonial / semi lux

King / lux private house








Additional services

Pineal gland activation Bufo Ceremony

Rape & Crystal alignment

Aquatic rebirth therapy

Massage therapy


Soul Guidance

Available for people with

lower income & a strong calling

to explore the Self Wonder path with us.


THE powwow





This is a modern day Pow-wow of like hearted beings, sharing teachings 
form different parts of the world, to learn and expand together, 
creating unity and a global alliance of Rainbow Warriors.

We gather as children of the sun to connect with our earth tribe, 
our own essence, nature & the totality of source, so that we can remember 
that we are all one family that knows how to walk this earth in harmony, with love.

We exchange information and co-create new ways to manifest more light into this world. 
Since we are mirrors of each other, we have the opportunity to help 
our brothers and sisters grow into their fullest potential. 

Solitude and silence is important for awakening, nonetheless, there are some aspects of growth 

that are difficult to reach in solitude. Therefore, coming together as a family allows us 

to mirror and transcend deeply hidden patterns and expand into our highest potential.

A Powwow is also a time to celebrate this wonderful life, to play and rejoice in beauty, 
releasing your inner child, opening up your heart to love your fellow earth beings passionately.
It is a quickening of personal & planetary healing, growth & cosmic awakening.
The alliances created also serve as a global support system for
each warrior's work in the matrix caterpillar.

The soldier of the fourth world has no place among 
The Warrior of the fifth World of Peace. 
A soldier stands at the outer edge of their sacred space, 

facing outwards, to fight others and their ideas. 
The Rainbow Warrior stands in the same outer edge of their sacred space,

 facing inwards, confronting the elements within themselves 

that keep them from honoring all paths equally as one. 
- Jamie Sams

This is the drumbeat calling the Rainbow Warriors to gather, 
signaling the awakening of the Cosmic Light Tribe.