nature OF WOMAn


Sweden ~ September 16 - 19

The  nature of woman is as colorful as our Earth Mother.
Gaia and her Elemental forces, holding hands with Spirit, are our main guides into embodiment of our divinity, feminine nature & wholeness.


If you have a deep call to anchor into your feminine nature, embody your authentic self, and live in alignment with your higher purpose,

we invite you to deepen your walk with us, in this 4 day immersion into the path of the embodied Sacred Woman.

In simplicity our walk is through the senses, opening them to feel and receive the wisdom within and without. We empty ourselves to create space to listen & remember, and we allow creation to fill us up with its life force and intelligence.


Through cultivating and returning home to the

*peace that passeth all understanding*

-  the stillpoint where our essence lives, where reverence is born and where all questions dissolve into the Grace of divine knowing,

we allow our wonder to take us into the mystery,

to explore the different aspects and gifts of being Woman on Earth,

bringing all parts back to its innocence and our being into sovereignty,

claiming our birthright, in the name of truth.

The wonders of woman and the feminine are rising and we are being called to remember, uncover and embody our wholeness & holyness, for which we only need our willingness and devotion.
And it is in the embodiment, integrating spirit into matter and awakening the intelligence of our body, that we can live heaven on Earth - from within.

What does it mean to walk the sacred path of the heart, of mystery and service, as a woman?
It is a timeless pilgrimage on a spiral, with clues & remembrance unfolding as we take each step in presence and faith.

Over these 4 days we invite you to walk this path with us, in sisterhood, sharing tools and practices to embark on this journey, or deepen your path, if you have already stepped in.