It is not enough to be a good human.
One who walks up the path of Self Wonder, gains the awareness and sovereignty
to harness the full potential and fulfill the mission
of their unique version of the original essence
Doing so will ultimately lead into merging with the original essence
Letting go of the self, becoming the wonder
Transmuting the illusion, into crystalline consciousness

This path is not always easy. It takes devotion, patience, courage and a lot of heart.

We dive deep into our selves to break patterns, de-program our minds and transmute our shadows.

The more layers we peel off, the more space there is for new, true information to come in.

In the process of finding our wonder we learn how to integrate the transformation, re-create our reality,

& upgrade our vessel, in a way that allows us to optimize our unique construction and our oneness. 

The optimization 

a Self Wonder Experience will always take you through


the three step process:



the 3 worlds:



Activation of your physical, mental & spiritual body thru different tools of preparation.


1. Serpent's underworld:

exploring your origins, ancestral remembrance & self identification


 Initiation into a higher

state of consciousness. 


2. Condor's sky:

Expanding into your higher self

& divine consciousness


Integration of the experience so that we can apply it

to our every day lives

3. Puma's earth walk

Integrating the wisdom into this present realm, so that we can walk fearlessly in our truth, embodied





Self Wonder